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Create a virtual (online) recurring class
Create a virtual (online) recurring class
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This article covers how to create a recurring class from a template, and how to have it repeat more than once a week at different times.

Click Classes > Schedule > New class

Click Recurring Class > Choose a template or create a new one. (note: if you are choosing an existing template to work with, make sure its an 'online' template)

If you're creating a new template, you may want to title it with the word 'Online' to make it easily identifiable later on, when you have 5 templates to choose from.

For the location, choose 'Online'. Use the 'Automatic zoom link' to have new secure link generated every class (this link is automatically sent to each class participant).

Once a template has been created, create a recurring new class.

Then select a teacher, location.

Then choose the start date, start time, and end date (if applicable) -- leaving it means it will schedule indefinitely). Choose the days in between each class (typically 7)

For the 'Number of classes to display in your dashboard in advance,' if you put a 3 here and leave the following field (for customers blank), Momence will schedule this class 3 weeks out for both your staff and your customers.

Only fill out the customer field if you'd like this number to be less than what your staff sees. This will manifest the difference in classes in draft form. (Ie. if you put 5 up top and 3 down below, the remaining 2 will show as drafts internally until its time for them to be scheduled.)

To add another day of the week that this class repeats (ie. Tuesdays and Thursdays), click Add interval. Click Create when finished.

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