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Retreats with Payment Plans, and Tiers for Reservations of Rooms or Beds
Retreats with Payment Plans, and Tiers for Reservations of Rooms or Beds
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Retreats are used to arrange getaway-like events. They often run for several days and some hosts prefer to allow customers to pay extra to book rooms, or beds within rooms.

If you're just looking to setup a retreat with a payment plan, you can skip to

Extra payment options for rooms or beds can be achieved with Tiers -- More on that below.

To schedule a Retreat, click Classes > Schedule > New Class > One-Off Class > Retreat > Next > Follow the prompts for page 1, which include: dates, max participants, teacher, location (note that you may need to add a new location at this step, especially if the Retreat is off site).

Use Payment plans for pricey getaways

Click Next to set the base price of the retreat (the drop-in price) on the Price Settings page. If the Retreat is pricey and you want to give customers the option to space their payments out, consider enabling a Payment Plan (pictured below).

Set the schedule for when customers will be auto-billed. Note that the example below charges $200 up front, then $200 15 days after purchase, then $100 30 days after purchase.

This will present to the customer at self checkout like this. It will be optional. If the customer chooses it, the total will update to show the initial payment amount.

After a customer has chosen a payment plan option and registered, you can view their existing payment plan schedule (and make edits to the charge amounts and dates) by clicking Customers > Payment Plans. Use the dropdown menus to the right of each entry to make changes.

Un-select Memberships that don't apply to this Retreat

Hosts often don't want existing memberships to be applicable toward a retreat. Under 'What can be used to pay', make sure to uncheck any memberships that shouldn't be usable toward this getaway.

Use Tiers to Rent Rooms / Beds

To add Tiers, you'll first be asked to name your 'Initial Tier', which is basically the "No Tier" option. It can help to word this in a way that will make sense to the customer when they're booking. Here's an example of a base tier and some add-on tiers that cost something.

It can help to describe the tier, like which room the bed is in, and which bed the customer is booking.

Below is how the customer will interact with the Tier options. The default "no-tier" option will show initially, and customers will be able to choose what they want based on what's left.

After saving the Retreat, its now visible to customers wherever you are displaying your classes. You can preview / share it with customers by clicking one of these two options.

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