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This article covers the basics and potential issues when using the events schedule and its filters

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The classes schedule allows you to see what your studio schedule looks like for upcoming and past events. You can choose whether you want to view your past or future events by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the right.

Schedule view options

In this section you can choose to visualise your schedule in these formats:

  • List view: This will return a list of events according to your filtering criteria with the events that are happening close to the current date at the top, and events that took place or are scheduled to happen further down at the bottom.

  • Week view: This view will return a list of events that are happening on any given week following your filtering criteria.

  • Day view: This view will show events that are taking place on a selected day following your filtering criteria.

  • Calendar view: This mode will allow you to understand how your studio calendar looks like at a quick glance using a calendar view, where you select the month to be displayed and events will be placed in the corresponding date of the month according to your filtering criteria.

Event types

The schedule view also offers you the possibility to filter by event type (Classes, Workshops, Courses, etc.). For more information on what the main differences between these are, have a look at the differences between class types.

Schedule filters

The filters functionality allows you to filter the events being shown in the schedule according to the following criteria:

  • Day of the week: This filter will allow you to display events that take place on any given day of the week only.

  • Teacher: Use this filter to show classes being hosted for any selected teacher.

  • Location: You can also filter the events by one of your studio locations.

  • Tags: Momence allows you to add tags to classes so that you can filter them in reports. This filter will allow you to display classes with certain tags only.

  • Show cancelled: Use this button to show whether you want cancelled classes to be displayed on your schedule or not. Bear in mind this will not affect what your customers see, it will only change whether cancelled classes are displayed on your schedule view.

Common issues

My schedule is empty or not showing certain classes

Make sure you check your filters to ensure the schedule is displaying the expected classes. Also, swap between the different schedule views to make sure the class is not happening on a different day or week.

Why are some events showing two different dates whereas others only show one?

Depending on the event type, some events may be displaying the start and end date in the case of Courses and Semesters, or a single date for Classes, Workshops and Private classes. Feel free to have a look at this article on the differences between class types.

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