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To create a workshop, click Schedule > New class

Choose One-off class > Workshop > Next

Name it > describe it > set a duration > Assign a teacher, a payrate, add a banner image, and location > click Next.

Set a price.

If the cost is expensive, consider allowing customers to use a Payment Plan (Toggle it on and set the schedule of charges to the customers that opt to use it; they'll see the option to use it when self serving on the workshops customer facing checkout page.

Click Next again and Next.

On the 3rd and final page, consider each of the optional settings listed.

Pay special attention to the last two as these control who can book and what they can use to book.

  • 'Restrict who is eligible to book' (ie. do you want this workshop bookable with memberships?)

  • 'More settings' (ie. if its bookable with memberships, what will it cost in membership credits?)

Click Create when done.

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