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Create a semester
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Semesters automatically enroll customers into an entire series of classes -- unless you choose to allow drop-ins.

You can choose a fixed start and end date, typically a few months long, and set a weekly schedule that occurs within that time period, much like a college semester.

To start, click Schedule > New class

Choose One-off class > choose Semester > click Next

  • Name it and, (optionally), describe it for customers viewing your registration page

  • Set your start and end dates

  • Then set the duration of each class, and the semester's weekly schedule.

Choose whether to allow drop-ins (this gives customers the option to drop into one or more classes without committing to paying for the whole semester. **Make sure your semester description accounts for the setting you choose with drop-ins.**

Then add a teacher, pay rate, choose a location, and click next.

Set a price, click Next and, on the 3rd and final page, consider all additional & optional settings. Pay special attention to the last two:

  • 'Restrict who is eligible to book' (ie. do you want this whole Semester bookable with memberships?)

  • 'More settings' (ie. if its bookable with memberships, what will it cost in membership credits?)

Click Create when done.

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