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This article covers how to create a course of classes. For on-demand courses, see this collection:

Courses allow you to:

  • create a series of classes on an irregular schedule

  • sell access to the whole thing or allow drop-ins

  • assign a teacher

  • pick from an online or in person format

To create one click Classes/Events > Schedule > New class

Click One-off class > Course > Next

Name it > choose your dates > choose whether to allow drop-ins (whether customers can drop in to single classes or have to pay for the whole thing) > assign a teacher

Click Next at the bottom and, on the following page (Payment Settings), set the Price for the whole course.

Since courses are often one-off experiences, its important to double check the 'What can be used to pay' section.

Note that all memberships will be included by default, so make sure to uncheck these if they should not be usable toward this course.

After saving changes, you'll land on this course details page. From here you can share this course sign up link with customers. You can also preview how this course displays to your customers by using the 'Your page' link that lives in the top left of your dashboard.

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