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The welcome message allows you to create a special custom message for each class that sends to your customers via confirmation emails. It requires two steps to set it up.

Important: to apply these changes to all classes in a series, edit the Template associated with this class. As of this writing, editing the individual class will only edit that single class.

Write the message content on the class / template's edit page

Locate the class > click Edit class/template via the dropdown menu to the right > scroll to Additional Settings > open Welcome message > add the copy > Save.

Then, In Transactional Templates add the 'Welcome Message' Variable

If you add a welcome message variable to just your class confirmation templates, then that special message you added to your vinyasa class / template will only fire with Vinyasa class confirmation messages.

Start by searching for the confirmation message: click Studio-setup > click Transactional templates > search for class confirmation (or any message)

Copy the variable for welcome message > paste it into the content where you'd like it to insert that message you wrote in step 1 > then Apply Changes.

Test it out!

Sign up for an upcoming class that uses this welcome message and check your inbox.

Ahead of the test, double check that the template is enabled and that the location listed on the transactional template matches the class you're signing up for.

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