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What's the 'Add Interval' button in class creation?
What's the 'Add Interval' button in class creation?
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Lets say you have a class called Vinyasa with Kiley that repeats every Tuesday at 5pm and every Thursday at 7pm.

The Add Interval button at the bottom of the class creation form allows you to add both of these recurring days. This prevents the need to fill two identical class forms and saves you time.

To choose which days your class will repeat,

  • Use the calendar drop down called 'start series on'.

  • Choose the day of the month it will begin, just below the day of the week it will start on, and repeat on going forward.

After choosing:

  • how many days between each class (ex. 7),

  • and how many classes to display in advance (ex. 3),

click Add Interval to add another day/time for the class to repeat.

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