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Canceling or Deleting Recurring Series of Classes
Canceling or Deleting Recurring Series of Classes
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When canceling or deleting classes, you have the option to cancel or delete and individual class or do it for an entire series in a batch. If you want to cancel an individual class, use this link. In order to remove a full series, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Accessing Recurring Classes

To begin, navigate to the "Classes" section within your Momence dashboard. Select schedule, click on List, and pick Classes. To group recurring series, select Options, and toggle on the "Group recurring classes". Once that is done, click the corresponding recurring series.

You can also get to the desired recurring series by finding one of the classes in the series, opening it, and selecting View series.

Step 2: Canceling or Deleting Recurring Series

Once you are in the recurring series, select "Actions ⋮", and pick "Cancel or Delete recurring class". A modal like the one below will show up.

Step 3: Filling in the modal

In the modal, you will be required to select whether you want to cancel or delete the series (more information on canceling vs deleting here). You will be also able to pick what classes you want to cancel/delete by picking a date after which the action will take place. E.g., if you pick September 21st, 2024 in the only classes after field, only classes after such date will be canceled/deleted.

You can also decide whether you want to send a note to customers who are already booked into future classes, and whether you want to credit them.

Once this is done, select confirm.

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