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What is auto check-in and how can it help?
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The Check-in feature measures attendance. 'Auto check-in' saves you time when people are paying in person for an in person class thats about to start. For a video on how this works, scroll to the bottom of this article.

How does it work?

Lets say class starts in 5 minutes. You have a physical line of ppl waiting to either:

  • 1) pay and 2) be checked into class; or

  • just be checked in (because they've already paid previously)

You'd like to expedite each customer through.

Those that are already registered just need to be checked in. Search the sign up list and flip the toggle next to their name. Below, we've checked in Ed Martin.

For those in line who have not yet registered, you'll need to first register them, (via the 'Add customer into this class' field, and then check them in. To save this extra step of checking them in, flip on the the 'auto check-in' toggle on.

Now, anyone you register will automatically be checked in.

Choose the customer to add to class.

Choose a payment option. (Credits are being used in this case)

The customer will show as automatically checked in.

In summary, the Auto Check-in feature allows you to skip step 2 of the Register / then Check-in process. It eliminates the need to go searching for the customer that just paid to check them in.

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