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Collect Birthdays from Signups & Checkouts, Restrict Class Signups by Age
Collect Birthdays from Signups & Checkouts, Restrict Class Signups by Age
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You can collect customers' birthdays on checkout and sign up pages with the flip of a switch from General Settings.

This can prove useful later if you'd like to:

  • Restrict booking of a class by age (ie. must be older than 18, or younger than 10)

  • View that it's someones birthday on a class roster

  • Message customers born before, after, or between dates with Customer Segments

  • Use birthdays in Marketing Sequences to auto-message your customers

Note: If you already have Sequences set up to use birthdays as custom fields, we're updating your Sequences for you, so there's no action required on your end.

How do I toggle this on?

To do this, click Settings > General Setup > scroll to 'Collect customer birthdays.'

Then, choose whether to:

  • ask for a customer's birthday

  • make the response optional

  • only ask for birthdays for child accounts (where, if a parent is registering their kid, toggling this on will ensure that the parent only has to enter their child's birthday and not their own).

Lastly, type how your question will read to the customer.

How can I restrict class booking by age?

Edit a class template (Classes > Class Templates) or individual class (Classes > Schedule > use the dropdown menu to the right to click Edit.)

Scroll to Restrict who is eligible to book and when > toggle on 'Restrict booking to customers of specific ages' > set the minimum required age and, if needed, the maximum age.

Where can I see a customer's birthday?

Birthdays (and ages) will now show in a customer's profile just below their name.

On a class Roster, if it's someone's birthday the teacher will see the date listed next to their name.

Can I search for lists of customers to message by birthday ranges or exact dates?

(ie. Show me everyone born after a certain year or everyone born before)

In the Customer List, if you use Customer Segments, you can now filter by birthdays.

You'll have several options for narrowing down the results. Afterward, use the 'Contact customers' button to message the list.

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