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Publishing / Un-publishing classes
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Sometimes our hosts ask us: “Can I hide my schedule until I’m ready to release classes to my customers?" The answer: absolutely. You can use Drafts.

Whenever you're creating a class and want to save your work without making it public (visible to customers), you can save it as a draft.

Some nuanced details

If you're creating a one-off class, on page 3 you'll see this 'Save as Draft' option at the bottom.

If you are creating a series of classes, it works a little differently. Put a 0 next to the 'number of classes to display to customers.'

Notice here how the number above it ('number of classes to display in your dashboard in advance' is set to 5). This allows us to schedule 5 weeks out, without making it public to customers. Next, click Create.

After creating, you'll notice each class is created as 'Unpublished'.

From you're schedule page, you can identify unpublished classes with is icon and publish them using the dropdown to the right.

What if I've already published classes and I need to un-publish them?

To un-publish classes, head to your Class Schedule > look for the class, click the dropdown menu to the right > click Un-publish class.

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