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Double Opt-in for Waitlists
Double Opt-in for Waitlists
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The Double Opt-in for Waitlists feature enhances the waitlist process, ensuring smooth class attendance and maximizing studio revenue.

The Double Opt-in for Waitlists functionality requires the SMS Messaging app. Go ahead an activate it now navigating to Apps & Integrations > App store, or book a demo using the link below if you cannot enable it:

What is Double Opt-in for Waitlists?

Double Opt-in for Waitlists gives your clients the opportunity to confirm or decline a spot in a class via SMS. When a spot becomes available, the system automatically sends a text to the first person on the waitlist, asking them to confirm their attendance. If they decline or do not respond within a specified time frame, the system moves on to the next person on the waitlist until the spot is filled.

How Does it Work?

You can access and customize your waitlist settings under Settings > Waitlist settings. Here, you'll find three options for managing your waitlists:

  1. First come, first serve: This is the default setting where the top person on the waitlist is moved into the class automatically when a spot opens up.

  2. Double opt-in: With this setting, clients receive an automatic text asking them to confirm or decline the spot. If declined or not confirmed within the allotted time, the system moves to the next person on the list.

  3. Fastest fingers first: All clients on the waitlist receive a text when a spot opens up, and the first person to accept is added to the class.

Enhancements for Waitlist Cutoff Times

We also offer the ability to enable "fastest fingers first" after the waitlist cutoff time. With this feature enabled, an automatic text is sent to the entire waitlist, filling the spot with the first person to confirm.


What happens if everyone in the waitlist has been notified but no one confirms?

The waitlist double opt-in function ensures that users confirm their interest in booking. If all waitlisted customers fail to respond within the allocated time frame, the process ends without looping back to the initial person. Instead, it remains inactive until the next booking is canceled.

If someone is booked on several waitlists, how does the feature know which class the customer is willing to accept?

The waitlist double opt-in function uses a numerical system so that, if a customer is waitlisted for two sessions, they will receive two different prompts if an opening occurs in both classes. To differentiate them, one prompt will ask the customer to reply with 1 to accept, whereas the other will require the customer to reply with 11 to accept. Same applies to declining.

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