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Early Access Booking Windows
Early Access Booking Windows
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Early Access Booking Windows allow you to give VIP customers earlier booking windows than others. This is done with tags. You tag a group, then decide how much sooner they can book a specific class than every one else.

If you've already tagged a special group of people, you can then restrict booking from the Class, or Class Template Settings, specifically the Additional Settings Menu.

Step 1 is to Tag your Memberships that will get early access booking. For simplicity, consider using the same tag on all memberships.

Click Memberships > Subscriptions > Packs > select the membership > click Edit Details > scroll to the bottom and click Add Tag.

Note: if the membership already has a tag assigned you'll an 'Edit Tags' feature from the membership preview page without having to edit the membership (pictured below).

Step 2 is to restrict booking at the class level.

Click Actions > Edit > Scroll to Additional settings > Restrict who is eligible to book and when > Restrict bookings to customers with specific tags.

Once this setting is toggled on, check the box next to the tag you want to set up, and then you’ll have the option to allow those tagged members to book.

You'll have choices between:

  • any time

  • at the start of the month/week

  • or from a specific timeframe that you select

Create as many different booking restriction windows as you like.

Notice above how you can set up a specific window for non-members as well. To do this, toggle on Allow customers without a tag to book as well choose your timing preference.

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