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Create a subscription that auto-renews
Create a subscription that auto-renews
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In this video, we'll create a subscription that:

  • charges the customer on the same day every month that they initially purchased it

  • has unlimited credits to use

  • allows them to book any class our studio offers

To start, click Memberships > Subscriptions/Packs > Subscriptions

Name it > price it (for the monthly charge) > in Duration Settings choose 'absolute interval' for renewing subscriptions > choose one month. Note: 'specific interval' is for fixed start and end dates. Ex. January 1 - March 31.

Toggle on this auto renewal setting.

At bottom of the page choose what this subscription can be used toward.

Click Create, then choose whether to make it public by clicking Subscriptions/Packs > then turning on the 'Featured at Checkout' toggle.

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