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Subscription Duration Settings
Subscription Duration Settings
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Two Types to Choose From

Subscription duration settings allow you to choose between two styles:

  1. Specific interval: a duration setting with a fixed start date and fixed end date. These dates are the same for all customers. (Ex. a limited time offer that goes from Jan 1 - Feb 28); or

  2. Absolute Interval: a duration setting that can begin at any time and will last as long as you want it to (Ex. a subscription that lasts for one month and can begin any time the customer buys it).

    Pro tip: this is often used with the Auto-renew setting turned on (Details in the next section).

Absolute Interval often uses the Auto-Renewing setting

When using the Absolute Interval subscription, its common to make use of the Auto-Renew feature: A toggle that ensures the subscription auto-charges the customer every billing cycle (Ex. charge the customer today for the subscription, then every month on the same day they originally purchased it).

Additional terminology to know

In the duration settings menu, you'll also find toggles for:

  • Activate on First Use: a setting that waits to start the expiration clock (or renewal period) until the customer first uses the subscription

  • Purchasable only once: ensures it can't be bought again by the same customer

  • Purchasable only as first subscription: ensures the customer purchasing this subscription has not purchased any other subscriptions from your business in the past

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