Automatic Teacher Substitutions
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Finding subs can be a drag. When a teacher calls out sick, normally this means you need to:

  • Call around to find staff to take the class

  • Wait for teachers to get back to you

  • Hop on your computer to make the change when someone agrees to take the class

  • Notify everyone you've already reached out to that the class has been taken

This can be time consuming. It's usually urgent, and requires you immediately drop what you were working on.

If you're looking to remove this common, time consuming task from your plate, the Automatic Substitutions feature can immediately take this on for you whenever it happens, seeing it to completing and handling all communication to teachers.

Here's how it works:

When a teacher requests a sub,

  • All eligible teachers are notified by SMS or email

  • The first teacher to reply with 'Yes' gets the class

  • All other teachers that didn't respond in time are then notified the class has been taken

To activate Automatic Teacher Substitutions, in your left hand nav, click Apps & Integrations > App Store. Here's what it looks like from the teacher's perspective when they receive an SMS request.

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