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Ensuring Teachers are Not Included in Payroll
Ensuring Teachers are Not Included in Payroll
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Are there studio classes that some teachers attend, but their attendance shouldn't count for payroll purposes?

This article will explain how teachers can sign up for studio classes without being counted towards payroll.

To achieve this, we need to create a separate subscription only available to teachers. We will ensure that a critical toggle within the subscription settings is enabled. This toggle will ensure that anyone with this membership activated does not count towards revenue earned for teacher payroll.

Creating a Teacher Subscription/Membership

  1. Click in Memberships

  2. Click on Subscriptions/packs

  3. Under the Subscriptions tab click on + Add new

  4. Include the teacher subscription details (price, renewal interval, included classes etc.)

  5. Ensure the toggle "Counts as non-paid for teacher payroll" is ON under Payment settings

  6. Click Create

This new membership option allows teachers and instructors to book classes without being counted as actual members for payroll purposes.

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