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Allow customers to book themselves
Have customers book appointments on their own, based on your availability
Have customers book appointments on their own, based on your availability
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You'll always have the option to schedule customers on your own -- by clicking Appointments > Schedule & clicking a time, adding info.

However, if you'd like customers to self serve, based on your current availability, you can point them to a 'Checkout page'. To share this page, it must first be made public.

To check if yours is public, click Appointments > Boards > select a board >

click Actions > Edit.

The 'publicly visible' toggle should say Yes.

To share this public facing scheduling page with customers,

click Appointments > Schedule > Checkout page.

Choose a service to see available times as a customer.

From here they'll be able to book any open times.

On the left we have an admin view with Thursday's openings circled in orange.

On the right is what the customer sees with that same times circled.

Any of these times can be booked.

Once a customer clicks a time, they'll be taken to this page where they can reserve their spot. If they have a subscription or pack and are signed in, they won't need to use a credit card.

Once they book, they'll receive a confirmation email and so will you. You'll then see the appointment on your schedule and they'll it listed in their dashboard.

The customer facing scheduling page for appointments can also be offered on your website site using our Appointments plugin.

To do this, click Studio Setup > Add to Website > Appointments, and you'll find a snippet of code you can copy and paste into your site, using your website builder.

To learn how to install the code based on the site builder you are using, see this tutorial:

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