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Allow customers to book themselves
Allow Customers to book recurring appointments on their own
Allow Customers to book recurring appointments on their own
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With your permission, customers can now book recurring appointments on their own.

This setting is available at the Service level. This means you can choose to have it on for certain services and off for others. To turn recurring bookings on for any appointment service,

click Appointments > Services > Edit selected service > toggle on Allow recurring booking by customers.

Just above Pricing, you'll find 'Allow recurring booking by customers' > Toggle this on.

Then choose whether to add a maximum number of allowed recurring bookings if you have a cap on how far out customers can book. Ex. customers can only book 3 appointments out.

Customers booking an appointment will now see this 'Book recurring' checkbox as an option.

Note the message that sets their expectations on charges. They'll be charged for the first appt and the remaining appts will be booked as unpaid. For an article on how to take payments for appointments click here.

If they click the checkbox they'll be presented with options to choose:

  • how often the appointment will repeat, and

  • whether to:

    • end the appointments on a specific day; or

    • after a specific number of occurrences

When the customer books, they'll receive an email like this.

As a host you'll receive an email like this.

To edit the template for the email sent to customers,

click Studio Setup > Transactional Templates > search for the word Multiple and click the template.

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