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Allow Customers to book Semi Private Appointments on their own
Allow Customers to book Semi Private Appointments on their own
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Scheduling as a customer

If your studio uses semi private appointments (appointments where more than one customer registers), you'll benefit from customers being able to register for these special appointments on their own.

The customer will see an asterisk next to appointments that have one or more signups on the appointment, and they'll see a blue banner that explains what the asterisk is for.

To add a service for multiple customers, click Appointments > Services > Add New Service > set Max customers to more than one > consider using price per customer to avoid one customer paying for all.

After creating the service, assign it to a board by clicking Boards > selecting the board, > Services > Assign Service.

To preview your scheduling experience for the customer, click the checkout page link above the schedule.

Scheduling as a staff member

You can still schedule multiple customers to one appointment from your host UI when scheduling an appointment for a customer.

When scheduling a new appointment you'll see the option listed below

When editing an existing appointment you'll see the following option.

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