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Unsubscribe a customer from marketing or transactional messages
Unsubscribe a customer from marketing or transactional messages
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This article covers how to unsubscribe customers from email, and how to have customers unsubscribe from SMS and email.


You can unsubscribe customers from marketing and transactional emails from their profile. Use these buttons just below their name.

Transactional emails include class and appointment confirmations, cancelations, etc. They also include messages sent from a class details page, using the 'Contact this list' button. If, for instance, you have a class of 2 customers, and both have unsubscribed from transactional emails, Momence will set your expectations on how many messages will be received, using a pop up message. See below.

Marketing emails include anything sent from Sequences, Leads, or One-off Messages via the marketing suite.

Here's how to unsubscribe a customer from their profile. Click Customers > Customer list > search for the customer and click their name. Then use x buttons to unsubscribe the customer.

After unsubscribing someone, you can always resubscribe them using these circular arrow buttons.

Customers can also do this on their own from the email's footer. The email below is an example of a transactional email.

Unsubscribing SMS

If a customer is asking to be unsubscribed from text messages sent from Momence, have them reply to the message with one of the following: cancel, end, quit, stop, stopall, or unsubscribe.

This will unsubscribe the customer from all SMS, both marketing and transactional.

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