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Intake Forms for Appointments
Intake Forms for Appointments
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If you offer services where you need key information about a customer before the appointment starts -- like injuries, medical background, pain points, past experience with different therapies, and more -- you may be spending a lot of time gathering this info to properly assess the customer and create a plan for them.

Or, you're using a third party app that gathers this data but then keeps it separate from your Momence customer data, making it tough to access and act on.

Momence Intake Forms App is a free add-on for Studio accounts. That info is then available within the appointment itself and from the customer’s profile, keeping all of your info in one platform.

Getting started with Intake Forms / A Summary of Each Aspect

1. Turn on Intake Forms

Under Apps & Integrations > App store > Intake forms.

2. Create a new intake form

Navigate to Customers > Intake forms > Add intake form

Create as many forms as you like. Customize them to fit the needs of different services (ex. the form for physical therapy clients might have different questions from your private pilates clients).

3. Build your form by adding fields

After deciding on the name of the Intake form, click the Add field button to begin

4. Field Types include text or text area (larger character max), number, dropdown and multi-select, so you can gather customer information in the most optimal way.

5. Each intake field can be required to answer or not, and you can also attach intake fields to existing custom info fields, which will have them show up in the customer’s profile and have any associate badges link to the customer and show in class rosters and your customer list.

In other words,

  • if you're using a custom info field (ex. injury), and;

  • you've attached the custom field to one of your new Intake Form questions, then;

  • if a customer then answers that question, it will add their answer to that custom field on their profile

6. As you build our your intake fields, you will see the form being created on the main intake form creation page, and you will have the ability to go in and edit or delete fields at any time.

7. Once your intake form is complete, the system will generate an Intake form link, which you can copy and send our to any current customers, or use the send to customer action to do so.

8. The customer view will look similar to the below. Please note that you also have the ability to customize the branding colors of the form from Customers > Intake forms > Settings.

9. If you want to read a specific client’s answers to a form, navigate to Customers > Intake forms > select the form > click on the client’s submission.

10. You can link any intake form to a specific appointment service. Go to Appointments > Services > edit service > scroll to the Associated intake form section. From there, you can select the intake form that you’d like to associate, and then choose if you’ll require customers to complete the form on their First booking of that service, or on Every booking of that service.

11. Customers will receive the request to complete the intake form to their email inbox - you can edit the copy of this email under Studio set-up > Transactional templates > Intake form fill request. You can clearly see if a customer has not filled out their form from the appointment reservation itself, and easily resend or open the intake form from there.


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