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Resend Unopened Marketing Emails
Resend Unopened Marketing Emails
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When you send out a marketing email, Momence tracks the following statistics:

  • open rates

  • un-opened rates (new)

  • link clicks

  • unsubscribes and more

These stats are actionable. Pretend you've just sent out a holiday promo a few days ago. It discounts your class packs, with a link to purchase.

For those that may have missed the email, a few days later you can now target that specific group from the Sent Messages page.

You can do this from a One-Off Email or from a Sequence Email.

From a One-off email: click Marketing > One-off messages > Sent > select the email > click on Open rate and/or Link statistics > choose the filter you'd like to target

Or, with visuals, click Marketing > One-off messages > Sent

Then, click the message you'd like to view stats for > then click Open rate

Click 'Not Opened' > then Send Message

Here, you can create and send that follow up message to target only those that haven't opened the original email.

From a Sequence email: Marketing > Sequences > select the sequence > select the action > click on Open rate and/or Link statistics.

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