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Lead Conversion Template
Lead Conversion Template
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Our newest sequence template - Lead Conversion - is designed to take the guesswork out of what makes a successful leads funnel. It contains a series of automated outreach to help maximize lead conversion 5

It can be used as is, or you can edit the content, quantity and/or timing of its actions.

You can start using this new template by clicking:

Marketing > Sequences > Create > Folder from template

Name your folder > Select the template for Lead Conversion > click Create

You'll see a message that warns to do a once over of each sequence and its included Actions.

To view the list of Actions, click the sequence below.

You'll find a breakdown of the Actions the Sequence contains with a timeline listed under the 'Run' column. You can edit these as you see fit or leave them as is.

Make sure open up each one, read through it, and make any changes needed.

To edit any of these sequences, click one and choose the edit button up top.

When you're happy with what you see, save the changes, and Enable the Sequence via that blue button at the top.

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