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Abandoned Checkout Leads Template
Abandoned Checkout Leads Template
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In case you haven’t noticed, we spend a lot of time prioritizing our apps. We are committed to offering products that that enable you to grow your business with the least amount of admin time, and we make constant updates and enhancements to ensure that you get the most value out of each dollar you put in.

We recently added in the Abandoned Checkout functionality to our Leads app, allowing you to automatically capture anyone who abandons a checkout as a lead so you can track and communicate with them until they make a purchase.

Now, we are excited to release the the Abandoned Checkout Lead Conversion template within Sequences to support you in setting up automatic communication with any of your abandoned checkout leads. This template sets you up with a series of SMS and email messages to ensure those folks who are curious but don’t end up buying, don’t slip through the cracks!

To start using this sequence today, navigate to Marketing > Sequences > Create > Folder from template > Abandoned Checkout Lead Conversion.

Don’t have Leads or Sequences active on your account yet? You can activate straight from your account under Marketing > Leads or Marketing > Sequences.

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