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Abandoned Checkout Leads
Abandoned Checkout Leads
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Abandoned Checkout Leads will help you capture the information of potential customers who leave the checkout before completing it. Since these people have already proven their interest, as they got so far as to start purchasing one of your offerings, they will likely only need a little nudge or two before they are committed and walking through your doors increasing your revenue stream.

What are Abandoned Checkout Leads?

Abandoned Checkout Leads will automatically capture the data (name, email, phone number) of potential customers who visited your website and began filling out their info, but never finished or closed the browser.

Now, anytime this happens, a new lead will be added to your leads list under the source Abandoned checkout. This innovative technology will allow you to set up sequences to automatically connect with these curious potentials, and continue touching base until they make that first purchase or booking.


How does an Abandoned checkout lead get created?

Anytime someone visits one of your checkout pages (to purchase a class, membership, appointment, product, etc) and enters at least their email or phone number, that data is stored. If they don’t end up completing that purchase, they will be created as an abandoned checkout lead.

How do you know if they’ve abandoned their checkout if they haven’t closed their browser?

Closing the tab or browser before completing a purchase will automatically result in an abandoned checkout lead. Additionally, if someone leaves a page open for 10 minutes without completing the purchase, they will be added as an abandoned checkout lead.

What if one of my current customers ends up abandoning their checkout? I don’t want them on my Leads list…

The system will automatically filter out any duplicate leads and any current customers from your account.

Can I connect abandoned checkout leads to Sequences?

Absolutely! In fact, we highly encourage this if you want to have the highest results with the least amount of manual effort. If you already have both Leads and Sequences live on your account, you can use the New lead record created trigger and select the Abandoned checkout source to set up sequence(s) linked to abandoned checkout leads.

Will I be able to see what an abandoned checkout lead was about to buy? Can I target them based on this?

Yes - you will be able to narrow down to the specific purchase page an abandoned checkout lead was on by using the Lead Segmentation tool. When you filter by Source and select abandoned checkout you’ll see the additional filters pop up that you can select from. This will also be an option when you are creating your sequences under abandoned checkout lead source so that you can strategically target your leads based on what they were initially interested in.

Do you have any sequence templates for this to get started?

Stay tuned - this is in the works and we will be sending an email about its launch very soon👷🏻‍♀️👷🏾

What if I don’t have Leads on my account?

Don’t have leads yet? No problem! You can activate it on in your account under Marketing > Leads. Also note that abandoned checkout leads will be captured and available retroactively, so if you decide to turn them on in the future, you will have access to all the data.

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