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Connect Multiple Google Review Pages
Connect Multiple Google Review Pages
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Google reviews can have a massive impact on a businesses ability to attract new customers.

If your business is expanding to new locations, its important to allow customers to review by location, so that the reviews accurately match the experience. If one location in particular is taking off with reviews, say, because of a certain staff member, customers that read the reviews before buying will want to know which location to visit to find that exact experience.

You can now connect multiple Google review links within the Momence Reviews App. To add additional location links, click:

Marketing > Reviews > Reviews settings

Scroll to Google Reviews per location > Add each location's google review link.

What's a Google Review Link?

A link your customers can use to write a review on your Google My Business page.

Why is it important?

  • Favorable ranking in search results - Google prioritizes showing quality results to searchers. Having many positive reviews can improve how high up in the search results your business appears

  • Google is likely the first contact for your prospective customers - If their first interaction with your business is to read high reviews about you, this helps establish trust, increasing the chance they become a customer of yours.

How do I get one?

1. Go to your Google My Business account.

Sign up your business (if you haven't already), then open the listing you'd like to create a review for.

2. Scroll to the "Get more reviews" box.

From your homepage on the listing you're generating a review link for, you'll notice a "Get more reviews" box. Click the box and copy the generated link.

How Get a Google Review Link Directly From Google

1. Search your business name on Google

2. Click on the review link.

3. Copy the URL (that's your link).

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