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Adding plugins and purchase link as iFrames

This article describes how to add Momence plugins as an iFrame to your site.

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With the help of iFrames, you can embed the Momence plugins and purchase pages in your website making them look like an integral part of your website while they exist independently. This is helpful in those cases in which you want to add two plugins on the same page or want to add a checkout page directly within your site.

How to add a Momence plugin as an iFrame

To add a Momence plugin as an iFrame:

  1. Go to your Momence Dashboard and copy the code of the plugin to add

  2. Paste the code in your browser URL bar so that it turns into a single-line piece of text

  3. Copy the single-line text and paste it in between the quotes of the following string: <iframe srcdoc='{{HERE}}'></iframe>

  4. Copy the resulting iframe text and paste it into your website where you would paste the plugin

The gif below summarizes the process:

[video-to-gif output image]

How to add any purchase link as an iFrame

With iFrames, you can also present your customers with the checkout page for any membership, class, or product you want, without them leaving your site. For this, simply paste the code below in your site, and you will inset the Momence checkout page without leaving your webpage:

<iframe src="INSERT PURCHASE LINK" style="width:100%;height:1000px;border:0px;"></iframe>

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