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Facebook/Meta Pixel tracking
Facebook/Meta Pixel tracking

The article below describes how to do social advertising tracking with Facebook Pixel via Momence

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You have the option to track ad visits and purchase events from your checkout pages with Meta Pixel. All you have to do is going through simple configuration steps to generate Pixel ID and then insert it in the Momence dashboard.

On your Facebook Business page, select “Events Manager”.

Next, click “Connect data sources” and select “Web” as your only data source.

Create a New Dataset and name in "Momence", for example, as shown below:

In the website URL field, enter “” and uncheck “Integrate with Google Tag Manager”. Even though it’s recommended, not everyone uses GTM, therefore, Pixel’s code is already present on Momence checkouts ready for tracking.

Currently, Meta Pixel is implemented just on the checkout pages, that’s why we need to select “Meta Pixel only”.

You’ll also be asked to name your Pixel. You can choose any name. After that, your new Meta Pixel will be created. You can find the Pixel ID on the “Settings” page. Copy the Pixel ID.

Next, go to the Momence dashboard, click “Settings”, then “General set-up”.

Under the “Social advertising tracking” section, you’ll find “Facebook Pixel”. Paste the value here. Save the changes and you’re good to go! Tracked events display in the Meta dashboard with a slight delay (around 30 minutes) after the event occurs.

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