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Appointment Add-ons are designed to empower your yoga studio with enhanced service offerings and seamless management. With Appointment Add-ons, you can effortlessly customize and upsell services, providing your clients with a tailored experience that meets their unique needs.

Getting Started

To begin utilizing Appointment Add-ons, navigate to the Services section within your business dashboard. Here, you can select Manage add-ons to manage and create new add-ons to complement your existing services.

Creating a New Add-on

  1. Click on "Add Add-on" to initiate the creation process.

  2. Fill out the form with the necessary details, including:

    • Add-on name

    • Description

    • Price

    • Pricing in appointment credits (if applicable)

    • Impact on appointment duration

    • Selection of services the add-on will be available for

  3. Once created, you can reorder add-ons according to your preference, ensuring they are presented to customers during checkout in the desired sequence.

Adding Add-ons to Appointments

When scheduling a new appointment for a customer, simply select the desired service. If the service offers add-ons, a button will appear next to the customer name, allowing you to choose from available add-ons. The system automatically recalculates the duration and price based on the selected add-ons, streamlining the booking process for you and your clients.

Customer Checkout

On the contrary, if your customers decide to book by themselves from the app or your website, during checkout, they have the option to choose additional add-ons or proceed without any.

Important Notes

  • Duration extension: If multiple add-ons with varying durations are selected, the appointment's duration will only be extended by the longest add-on chosen.

  • Compatibility: Appointment add-ons are compatible with semi-private appointments, allowing each customer within a reservation to have their own set of add-ons.

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