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Set a cancellation policy / create auto-charge rules for late cancels, no shows
Set a cancellation policy / create auto-charge rules for late cancels, no shows
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To choose your cancellation policy click Settings (bottom left) > Cancellation policy

To skip right to creating auto charge rules, click here.

Then choose your cancellation policy preference for both classes and appointments. Then, set your 'Cancellation credit cut-off'.


In the photo below,

  • the Classes cancelation policy is set at 'credits back for everything'; and

  • The 'Cancelation credit cutoff period' is set at 24 hours

This means that:

  • If a customer first makes a class purchase with a credit card,

  • then cancels 25 hours before the class starts,

  • they'll get Momence dollar credits back, keeping the revenue in your business.

  • And, if they made the purchase using a class pack, they'll get the class credit back

Late cancellation period and auto-charge rules

Next, set a 'late cancellation period'. This allows you to track customers that cancel extra late (search your reports for 'late cancellations'). It also allows you to add Rules that auto charge for Late Cancels and No-shows.

After setting the late cancellation period (say, 60 minutes), then click 'Add new rule.'

Next, we'll break down each section of this pop up menu, and what it means.

  • First, choose what the penalty rule is for (Either a late cancellation or a no-show)

  • Then choose which membership this rule applies to

Next, choose when the penalty will be charged. Try hovering over the question mark for an explanation of each option.

Notice how the hover over language updates for each option ('Every', 'Minimum' & 'Exactly') as you change the 'number of times' field.

Pro tip: Changing the number from 1 to 2 can help make the result more clear. (ie. 'Penalty will be charged every 2nd no show' as opposed to 'Penalty will be charged every 1st no show'. 'Every 1st no show' just means 'every no show'.)

Lastly, choose the whether to have this rule look back x amount of days/months, or...

... choose to only look at during a specific membership renewal period (ie. if its a one month renewal, the rule will apply to just that period, then restart at the beginning of next renewal.

Then set the penalty that will be charged and click Create rule.

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