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Why was a student not charged a no-show penalty fee?
Why was a student not charged a no-show penalty fee?
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If a student's profile does not show a payment failure for a no-show fee, it may be because the membership they used for the booking was not added to the penalty rules list.

How to check for this:

To determine if this is the case, head over to the customer's profile and find the class booking, for which they should have received a no-show penalty.

  1. Click on Customers

  2. Click on Customer List

  3. Find the customer in question

  4. Click on the Activity tab

  5. Click on History

  6. Find the booking in question and click on the "Membership" button

  7. The Payment details page will appear and you will see the Membership used for the class

  8. Now that you have the name of the membership head over to the Cancellation Policy page to see if this membership is included in the list of no-show penalty rules

    1. Click on Settings on the lower left corner of your dashboard

    2. Click on Cancellation policy under Customers

    3. Now review your Auto-charges for late cancellations & no-shows rules

  9. If the Membership is not listed in this section this confirms the reason a customer was not charged a no-show fee for their booking

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