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How do One off Messages work?
How do One off Messages work?
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One-Off Messages (under the Marketing tab) allow you to:

  • Send a single message to your entire customer base

  • Target a specific Customer Segment or Lead Segment

  • Schedule when the SMS or email will send

  • Use variables to make your content more personal -- For example, inserting {{first_name}} into a message will look at who is receiving the message and substitute their first name.

You can even pull from previously saved content using marketing templates to save time on writing.

Mastering One-Off Messages

One-off messages are a powerful tool for targeted communication. Although not required, you'll benefit from being efficient with One-Off Messages if you're familiar with:

Creating One-Off Messages: To start, click on "New Message," set the timing, and select your audience—either all customers, specific segments, or lead segments. Learn more about customer segments and leads in our knowledge base, using the question mark in the bottom right corner of your dashboard.

Customizing Message Content: Tailor your message with email or SMS and for email, consider using the drag and drop functionality to make your emails really pop.

Add Variables for a more engaging message: By inserting {{first_name}} into a message, the recipients first name will be replaced. See a list of what's available to use at the top of each marketing page.

Note: with variables, if you choose to use a variable in a one off message, you can only use what's listed at the top as an option. And you'll need to use the variable's exact spelling. Make sure to copy and paste it just to be safe.


{{first_name}} will insert the customer's first name.

{{firstname}} will just insert the word {{firstname}} and look odd to the customer.

Leverage Marketing Templates: Utilize your pre-built marketing templates to populate message content quickly. Save time by accessing them directly within the message editor, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your communications.

Review Sent Messages: After scheduling your message, review its details and make any necessary changes before sending. Monitor the performance of your messages by tracking open rates and engagement metrics in the 'Sent messages' section.

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