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How to add social media buttons to an email
How to add social media buttons to an email
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You can add your social media buttons as images. When adding an image to the email's content, you can choose where customers land when they click the image.

Start by googling an image you'd like to use and download it. A png format works well. Save it to a place where you'll remember how to find it, like your desktop.

Then, in Momence, click Marketing > Marketing Templates > New Template (must be email) > Add content.

On the drag and drop email page, before you add the image, it may help to start by adding a divider (see top right of screenshot below) or another organizational format using blocks (far right in the grey column). This will allow you to pick exactly where you drag the logo to in the email's body.

After you're happy with the structure, drag the image icon to where the social media logo will live. Then click the icon to see your options to upload the logo.

Important: After adding the logo, make sure the logo is selected so you see this light blue outline pictured below. Then, off to the right, scroll (past the Image URL) to the 'Action' section to modify the Image Link's URL. Add your social media's link here.

Pro tip: Use the mobile and desktop icons in the bottom left to preview how this email will look in each format. When you're happy, click 'Use' (bottom right).

Test the link with 'Send test email to'. Choose an email to send it to, open it from the test account's email inbox and click the link to ensure it takes you where it should.

Then, back in Momence, click Save.

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