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With Classpass, why do I have to combine my locations, and how can I do this?
With Classpass, why do I have to combine my locations, and how can I do this?
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Classpass doesn't have the ability to integrate with multiple location IDs, so we work around this limitation by merging your Momence location IDs into one ID that ClassPass can handle.

The alternative to this approach would be to schedule all of your classes in Momence at one location. The workaround below allows you to continue scheduling Momence classes from multiple locations.

What's the customer experience after locations are merged?

When a customer schedules from ClassPass they'll:

  • see the merged location listed in ClassPass, and

  • will receive a Momence confirmation that shows that actual class location, and

  • will see the actual location if they log in to their Momence account to view their upcoming classes

What are next steps?

To merge your Momence Location IDs into one for ClassPass, send a request to [email protected]. In this request, list which location would you like to merge all of your other locations into.

Once you receive the ID, you can now integrate Momence with your ClassPass account sending an email to ClassPass with:

  • your Momence hostId (found in your Momence URL, ClassPass calls this a PartnerID)

  • your name and the single ID of your merged locations

Once you are approved by ClassPass, you can turn the integration on in Momence from Apps & Integrations > Integrations > ClassPass.

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