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Subscribe / Unsubscribe FAQ's (all)
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How to help a customer unsubscribe

You can do this from a customer's profile. Click Customers > Customer List > search for the customer and click their name.

Click an 'x' next to the type of messages they no longer want to receive: Marketing emails, Transactional emails, or Marketing SMS.

After clicking an x, a circular arrow can will appear, and can be clicked to resubscribe the customer later on.

Can customers unsubscribe themselves?

They can. And they can do it from these areas:

  • Transactional emails (in the email's footer)

  • Marketing emails (also in the footer)

  • All SMS at once -- by replying to the text with 'stop.' This will stop both transactional and marketing SMS.

If your customer is interested in just Transactional SMS but not Marketing SMS, navigate to their profile to click the x next to Marketing SMS (see top of article).

Here's what they'll see in emails.

A Transactional email's footer.

A Marketing email's footer.

Transactional vs. Marketing messaging. What's the difference?

Transactional emails include class and appointment confirmations, cancelations, receipts, etc.

Marketing emails include anything sent from Sequences, Leads, or One-off Messages via the marketing suite.

Transactional SMS includes anything like a reminder or confirmation sent via SMS.

Marketing SMS includes anything sent through the marketing suite that happens to be a text.

Will unsubscribes prevent me from messaging my customers manually?

No. As long as the customer is the sole recipient of the message, they'll receive it.

You can do this from the Inbox, the customer's profile, or even from a class details page if you click the dropdown to the right of their name.

Any time you send a group message, you'll be warned ahead of sending it that the unsubscribed customer will not receive it.

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