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Sequences: Bulk Assign Staff Tasks by Role or Location
Sequences: Bulk Assign Staff Tasks by Role or Location
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Within Sequences, Staff Tasks can now be assigned to entire roles or locations instead of just individuals.

This allows you to broadly assign tasks to all staff that can perform what you're asking, increasing the chance they'll be done more quickly, and allowing those who want to stand out to take on more of the load.

Another use case is with staff turnover. You may already have a series of sequences assigning tasks to individuals. If one individual moves on to another job, you'd normally need to go edit the sequences to reassign the tasks to a new staff member. With tasks auto-assigned to staff roles, this need for editing sequences is a thing of the past.

What is the staff experience with sharing tasks?

Multiple staff are shown the same task. Here are two separate staff dashboards. Both have Front Desk role permissions.

When staff click on a task, a pop-up will show the details and any needed links, like a link to the customer's profile.

When one staff member marks a task as done... will disappear for the other staff members who have the same role assigned.

How to create a sequence that assigns a task to a role

To create a sequence that assigns a staff task, click Marketing > Sequences > New Sequence from Scratch.

Choose a triggering event.

Then click Add step > Add Action.

Under Action type, choose Staff Task > choose 'By Staff Role' or 'By Staff Location'.

Your sequence will now look something like this. When you're done, click enable up above.

Lastly, make sure to check that you have the correct staff assigned to the role from Settings > Roles.

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