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Target Intro Offer Customers with Sequences (short version)
Target Intro Offer Customers with Sequences (short version)
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Using intro offers in tandem with sequences allows you to:

  • give customers a taste of what you have to offer, then

  • automatically send strategic messaging to them (like a link to purchase a subscription) when, say, their intro offer expires

To start click Marketing > Sequences > name a new sequence > select a trigger > choose the Intro Offer filter > select a specific trigger to use (ex. Intro offer expiration).

Next, choose whether this sequence will target a specific intro offer or any intro offer > then choose to make this a location specific sequence, or not > add any counter conditions that may apply (ie. if the customer recently purchased a membership, this might be a reason not to message them) > Then click Submit.

Next, add the Action (the message that will send). Below, this action will send when the intro offer expires and could contain a link to a subscription purchase page that has similar benefits to the intro offer the customer is coming off of.

In this example the message will send 2 days after the intro offer expires.

Lastly, add your content. Consider adding variables to make the messaging more personal. If you need to grab a purchase link to a subscription, you can find it by clicking Memberships > Subscriptions and Packs > selecting the subscription > copying the purchase page link.

After Submitting, remember to enable the sequence.

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