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Add a custom info field for injuries, or other information
Add a custom info field for injuries, or other information
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Custom fields allow you to collect important information about your customers like existing injuries or birthdays.

You can even ask your customers questions at checkout to obtain this info, and choose to make the answers optional or required. Note that once customers give an answer, they aren't asked the question again on their next class signup.

For example, if you teach a yoga class and want to know if any of your students have an injury that might affect their practice, you can:

  • add a custom field for injuries

  • ask an optional question in customer checkouts about injuries

  • have an injury badge automatically added next to customers that answer yes

To get started, click Customers > Custom info Fields > Add field

Below we'll create this exact custom field. You'll see:

  • the setup process

  • what the customer will experience in checkouts

  • and how the injury badge will display to your staff ahead of class

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