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Google Analytics (GA4) Tracking
Google Analytics (GA4) Tracking
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Google Analytics 4

Before you begin, you should have your GTM connected with GA4. That can be done by creating a configuration event in your GTM settings. It should look like this.

You only need to input “Measurement ID”. It can be found under “Data streams” in your GA4 settings.

After the initial step, Momence seamlessly integrates with GA4. All you need to do is go to “Settings”, then click “General set-up” and fill the “Google Tag Manager ID” input with your GTM ID.

The input you’re looking for:

You can find your GTM ID on your Google Tag Manager configuration page.

With the GTM ID set, Momence will automatically track basic GTM events like page views, clicks, scrolls, etc. tied to a particular user session on your checkout pages.

Optional: Purchase event tracking

You can go one step further and also track purchase events - fired whenever someone purchases something on your checkout pages. That will allow you to see monetization metrics in your GA4.

There is a bit of additional configuration needed in your GTM settings to make this work. You will need to configure a tag for the GA4 event in your GTM dashboard.

First, in the “Tags” tab, click on “New”.

In the “Tag configuration” section, select “Google Analytics: GA4 Event”.

Configure the event according to the following screenshot. Set the Event Name to “purchase”. This is very important! If it’s set to something else, the event will not be treated as conversion and it will not display in the monetization section. You will need to create 3 variables for “value”, “currency” and “items”. Each variable should follow similar settings - just the name differs.

Last step is configuring the trigger. Create a new one, set the type to “Custom Event” and set name to “purchase”. Example below.

Your configured custom GA4 purchase event should look something like this.

Don’t forget to submit changes and create a new GTM version. With this configuration, GA4 should start showing purchases in about 24 hours (purchases made on a specific day are usually only displayed the next day).

Cross-domain tracking

If you’d like to preserve the user session between your site and Momence, you can set up cross-domain tracking. There are a few steps to be taken which are well described in official Google documentation.

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