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Share a membership with another host
Share a membership with another host
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Sharing a membership with another host (another studio or gym) can help you and your partnering host bring over new customers.

Things to know before sharing a membership:


  • Revenue received from membership purchases (from both hosts) will be directed to one host: the host that initially shared the membership

  • If the two hosts wish to divide revenue, a sales report can be pulled within Momence to assist. Payment from one host to another will need to be made outside of Momence

Host experience

  • Each host will have their own purchase link for the membership

  • Hosts can determine which classes/appointment services the membership can be used toward within their business (to do this, just edit the membership)

  • From the recipient host's perspective, the membership will not be visible to the public unless the purchase link is copied and shared by the host

Customer experience

  • Customers will be able to use the membership across both schedules

  • When a new customer from the other studio uses the membership to book one of your classes, they'll show up as a new customer in your customer list, allowing you to market to them

How to get started

  • Create a subscription, package, or on-demand subscription

  • Click the drop-down menu to the right > then click 'Share with another Host'

  • Search for the host and send the request. The host will receive an email/link that takes them to a page where they can accept the request

The host will also see the open request listed in their subscriptions and packs page.

Once accepted, the recipient host will see a blue 'Shared' tag next to the membership.

Note: the absence of a 'featured at checkout' toggle. This means the membership will not be visible to the public unless the purchase link is copied and shared by the host.

To share this membership, click it, copy the purchase link, then share it with your customer base either on your website or through an email blast.

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