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Select Home > Point of Sale > select a customer > in the Cart section, choose gift card > Add a new gift card (using the plus button)

Note: If you sell a lot of gift cards, you can set yourself up for expedited gift card sales by generating a list of gift card codes in advance. 

These codes will be visible in that dropdown menu for easy adding to the cart (see screenshot below).

To do this, in the left hand nav, click Studio set up > Gift cards > Add gift carts

Back to the gift card checkout, after clicking that plus sign, you'll see the menu below. To auto-generate a code, leave the field for Promo Code blank.

If a physical card exists, and you're using a bar code scanner, place your cursor in the 'gift card number' field and scan it in. Or just enter the code on the card.

Then, enter Amount > the Expiration if applicable > choose what its applicable to and click 'Add'

The gift card will now be available to select from the dropdown menu.

Click 'Add to cart' > choose payment method > click Charge Customer

  • confirm purchase

  • your customer will receive a confirmation email with the code to use

A confirmation email with the code to use will be sent to the paying customer

The code can be used in the promo code field of any checkout. Below is a video of what the customer experience will be with entering this code.

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