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Price Rules: Give Discounts Based on Tags a Customer Has
Price Rules: Give Discounts Based on Tags a Customer Has
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What are tags and price rules? What can they do?

Tags are like labels. They can be used to designate special groups of people, like a VIP or someone on a special membership. Tags are also helpful in filtering reports.

Tags can also be used to give discounts. This is done with Price Rules. Price Rules allow you to give discounts to individuals who have a special tag assigned to them.

In the video below, we'll preview which reports use tags, then show you how to:

  • create a tag

  • tag a membership

  • create a price rule to give discounts to customers on that membership

To skip the video and self serve, start by creating a tag:

Under Customers > Tags > Create tag > name it > make sure its applicable to memberships > give it a label name and badge color.

Then navigate to a membership > click Edit > scroll to the bottom > assign the tag.

Next, create a price rule by heading to Settings > Offerings > Price Rules > name it > select the tag > choose the discount > choose what its usable on.

Lastly, test it out in POS by first adding an individual to the membership > then opening point of sale and selling them an item covered by the price rule.

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