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Price Rules FAQs
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What are price rules?

A Price Rule gives a discount to individuals who have a special tag assigned to them.

You control how much of a discount is given and on what items (ie. classes, products, appointments, etc). A price rule that's just been created basically tells Momence “look for anyone that's buying something, check to see if they have this specific tag and, if so, give them a discount of x amount on these specific items (or all items)”.

Do price rules apply when customers are self serving?

They do. They even apply when when you are ringing someone up in POS. You'll see a percentage off or absolute value off. In POS, you'll also have the opportunity to remove the price rule.

How do I set one up?

The basic steps to set up a price rule are:

Create a tag: Under Customers > Tags > Create tag > name it > make sure its applicable to memberships > give it a label name and badge color.

Tag a membership: (or tag another group of customers via a Sequence Automation). To tag a membership > navigate to a membership > edit one > scroll to the bottom > assign the tag. Note: the tag used must be a customer tag or a membership tag.

Create a price rule: Head to Settings > Offerings > Price Rules > name it > select the tag > choose the discount > choose what it's usable on.

Test it out: add an individual (maybe a test customer if you have one) to the membership via POS or the membership page > then, in POS sell them an item covered by the price rule. Observe the discount that’s auto-applied.

How to do I prevent customers from seeing multiple price rule discounts?

In short, simplify your tagging.

Lets say you have two memberships. You want to give discounts on products to customers that have these memberships.

If there is potential for customers to have both memberships, you should consider tagging both with the same tag. Then create a price rule that gives discounts to those that have that tag.

Will customers that qualify for a price rule see a discount if they're booking a class with a membership?

Not if they're using a membership. They'll only see a discounted amount if they're paying with a card. The reason for this is that the customer has already paid for the membership and the benefits that come with it.

For example, if a membership gives 10 class credits a month, and the customer goes to purchase a class with those credits, Momence can't discount a single class credit.

So, if the customer is self serving when registering for a class and has some remaining class credits, they'll need to click 'Book without membership' to see the discounted rate.

Hosts often use price rules to give discounts on drop-in prices to members that run out of credits. So, if they don't see an option to use their membership, they can always click Book without and still get a discounted rate until their membership re-adds credits.

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