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How do I set up a price rule?
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The basic steps to set up a price rule are to:

• create a tag

• apply that tag to membership who's members will receive discounts

• create a price rule that looks for that tag in checkouts and auto-applies a discount

Create a tag: Under Customers > Tags > Create tag > name it > choose what you'll apply it to (note: if you'll be tagging a membership -- which tags everyone on that membership -- choose membership. If you'll be tagging customers directly from their profile, choose Customers).

Tag your memberships or customers: (or consider using a Sequence Automation).

To tag a membership > navigate to a membership > edit one > scroll to the bottom > assign the tag. To tag a customer click customers > customer list > select the customer > click Actions > edit tags.

Create a price rule: Head to Settings > Offerings > Price Rules > name it > select the tag > choose the discount > choose what it's usable on.

Test it out: add an individual (maybe a test customer if you have one) to the membership via POS or the membership page > then, in POS sell them an item covered by the price rule. Observe the discount that’s auto-applied.

For a video on how to do this, click here.

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