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My price rule isn't working. How do I check that I've set it up correctly?
My price rule isn't working. How do I check that I've set it up correctly?
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If a customer has reported they're not receiving an expected discount from a price rule, you can check your work by checking two things:

Compare the Price Rule's settings to:

  • the customer's tags (do they have the right tags listed in the price rule?)

  • what the customer was attempting to purchase (is the item included in the price rule?)

First, pull up the price rule: click Settings > Price Rules > click on the price rule.

Then, review:

  • The discount it should give (is it the right amount?)

  • The tag(s) it uses (the group it should give discounts to).

  • Is there an 'AND' clause? (see ex. below) This means the customer needs to have both tags listed in order to get the price rule's discount

  • The items it gives discounts on (have you chosen the correct items the rule should give discounts on?)

Now, open a separate tab to check the customer's tags. Pull up the customer list > click Options > Show Tags > search for the customer.

Things to check:

  • Do the customer's tags match what's in the price rule?

  • Is the item they want to buy in the Price Rule's item list?

Make changes where needed.


  • If the price rule uses a membership tag (a tag that can only be applied to memberships), check that this tag is applied to the customer's membership(s). To to this, edit the membership > scroll to bottom > add tag.

  • If the price rule uses a customer tag, you'll need to apply this tag to the customer directly (or via a Sequence): to apply it directly, navigate to their profile, click Actions > Edit Customer's Tags to confirm they have the right tag assigned.

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