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Create a staff membership to give benefits, use a price rule to give discounts
Create a staff membership to give benefits, use a price rule to give discounts
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Staff memberships allow your staff to book classes and other services free of charge.

If you'd also like to give this group discounts on specific things, create this membership first, choose its benefits (its "free" items), then create a Price Rule afterward to choose which items to give discounts on.

If you only want to give discounts, create the membership and, in the section titled 'what this subscription can be used for,' uncheck all its benefits. Then create the price rule.

To create the staff membership, click Memberships > Subscriptions/packs > Add new.

Name it > in Payment Settings, price it at $0 (or at a rate of your choosing).

Then consider toggling on 'Counts as non-paid for teacher payroll.' This ensure's a staff members attendance of another teacher's class will not result in the teacher being paid.

In Duration Settings > choose Absolute Interval, put 1 month (or whichever interval works best for your use case).

In Auto-renewal settings, toggle on 'This subscription auto-renews.

In 'What this subscription can be used for', choose benefits (what staff can use this membership toward). Recall that to give discounts on other items, you can create a Price Rule after creating this membership.

After adding what's included, click Create.

To add staff, click New Sale.

Note that if your staff do not already have a customer account you'll need to add them as customers while selling them this subscription.

To do this, pull up your Staff or Teacher's page in a separate tab or window side by side. Then add them in as customers using their staff email.

How can staff use their new staff membership?

They should first sign out as a staff member, then back in using the same login. Once they choose their customer dashboard, they'll be able to view the schedule like your customers do.

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