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Enable overlapping venues for appointments
Enable overlapping venues for appointments
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Studios with larger venues often take multiple appointments with different teachers at the same place and time.

Ie. 2 or more personal trainers working in one large venue. Both trainers have a 2pm open. When one gets booked at 2pm, the other's schedule still needs to show that 2pm slot as available.

To ensure this is possible, you'll want to enable over lapping appointments by venue.

To do this, click the Actions menu in the top right > then Appointment Settings. This will set the General Appointment settings for all boards.

Scroll to Overlapping and click Yes under Enable overlapping appointments by venue.

Note: if you have just certain boards that should have this setting (and others that should not), you can overide this default appointment setting at the board level.

To do this, click Appointments > Boards > edit the board via the dropdown menu

Scroll to the venue overlap settings > update the board settings and click 'Apply changes.'

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