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An ROI Calculator for Facebook & Instagram Ads
An ROI Calculator for Facebook & Instagram Ads
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The Facebook/Instagram Ad ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator calculates the difference between the amount you spent on an advertisement and the amount of revenue you’ve received from the customers who came in from that ad.

It helps determine if the results of the ads are worth the cost, and to see which ads are getting the most traction & results.

Things to know before setting this up:

  • The calculator will work for Facebook and Instagram paid ads only.

  • You must have your Facebook business account connected to your Momence Leads app for calculations to pull.

  • The report will generate results for ads run from now onward.

Here's how to get your account connected. After connecting, use the report by clicking: Analytics > Reports > Facebook/Instagram Ad ROI Calculator.

The report will show columns for spend, revenue, and ROI.

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